How to Connect Multiroom Digital Polsat Services to Cyfrowy Polsat Set-Top Boxes

How to Connect Multiroom Digital Polsat Services to Cyfrowy Polsat Set-Top Boxes

In January 2016, Cyfrowy Polsat, the largest satellite television platform in Poland, will add a new satellite set-top box to its offer, the EVOBOX PVR, which is the latest and most advanced device manufactured in the group’s factory in Mielec. This innovative device enables recording of up to three programs simultaneously and was designed and developed in cooperation with ADB, a company with extensive experience in this field.

Among other features, this device supports the Unicable digital-to-analog converter, which allows to connect up to two additional set-top boxes (STB’s) and use Multiroom HD services. Moreover, the EVOBOX PVR is equipped with a parental lock function that prohibits children from viewing content that may be inappropriate.

The EVOBOX PVR STB is available at Cyfrowy Polsat sales points starting from PLN 49. It is a modern and high-end product with the best possible software.

It was also recently awarded the Gold Medal at the Poznan Media Expo Fairs, held in April 2016.

This year Cyfrowy Polsat is going all out to make its customers happier with their TV services. As part of its multiroom offering, the company has been integrating ADB’s innovative Connected Solutions and Personal TV software into its own range of manufactured set-top-boxes.

These solutions bring together connected devices, cloud delivered services and end-to-end solutions for Personal TV, allowing the operator to streamline the integration of services, increase speed to market and reduce costs while delivering a superior user experience for consumers.

One of the main challenges that Cyfrowy Polsat has faced in developing its multiroom offering is the lack of reliable connectivity to its own network. To solve this issue, the company has decided to integrate ADB’s cloud-based ConnectedOS middleware platform into its personal TV solution.

ADB’s ConnectedOS is a hybrid cloud and device centric middleware platform for developing, deploying and managing connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is a flexible, scalable and cost effective technology that can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios including connected television, IoT and more.

The ADB ConnectedOS solution also offers an integrated, single, unified view of the entire service delivery chain for a seamless consumer experience across connected devices and cloud platforms. This provides Cyfrowy Polsat with an end-to-end solution that can be deployed in any environment, without having to implement any custom code.

Lastly, the ConnectedOS solution combines a robust, proven and scalable open source platform with an innovative graphical user interface that allows users to navigate and interact with their data in a natural way. Unlike other solutions in the industry, ADB’s Graphyne UI was designed from the ground up to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use experience for customers.

In addition to a graphical user interface, the ADB solution provides a full suite of tools to manage, control and analyze all of the information flowing into a connected TV. This includes video processing, playback, ad insertion, data analysis and more.

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