How to Connect a Vacuum Cleaner to a Skimmer

How to Connect a Vacuum Cleaner to a Skimmer

Vacuuming your pool is an essential step in keeping it looking its best, and connecting a vacuum cleaner to a skimmer makes it even easier. A skimmer works by sucking debris out of your pool and transferring it to the filter system. This helps keep the pump running at its most efficient and the chemicals balanced, as well as reducing the number of skimmer baskets required to vacuum your pool.

A skimmer can be located at the side of your pool, but skimmers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all pools. Regardless of the shape, they usually feature a lid and a basket that collects debris. The skimmer can be connected to your pool’s suction port using a special hose.

Before hooking up your vacuum, you will want to do a preliminary cleaning of your pool to remove large debris that can block the skimmer or prevent it from working properly. It’s also a good idea to check the flow regulator valve on your vacuum to make sure it is in proper alignment with your pump and filter settings.

To start the vacuum process, attach one end of the hose to your vacuum head and the other end to a telescoping pole (also known as a T-Pole). Some telescoping poles have interchangeable attachments for a pool brush or net. Most telescoping poles have a nozzle on the end that connects to your vacuum head or a pool brush.

Place the telescoping pole on top of your pool’s shallow end, and lower the head into the water so it is submerged below the surface of the water. The hose will begin to bubble, and you will need to push it back up against the return outlet in your pool to force all of the air out of the hose.

Now that the hose is free of air, you can connect it to your skimmer’s inlet. If your skimmer has a strainer basket, you’ll need to remove it in order to connect the open end of the hose to the inlet.

Once you’ve connected the hose to your skimmer, you can now move it around slowly in order to vacuum your entire pool. Doing so will help you vacuum all of the dirt and debris in your pool.

Some skimmer systems will allow you to attach a vacuum hose directly to the skimmer, but others require that you remove the basket first. This will give you the maximum vacuuming power possible, so be sure to choose a skimmer that can handle a hose before purchasing it.

If you have a pool with more than one skimmer, make sure to attach the hose to the skimmer that is closest to your pool pump. This will give you the most powerful suction available to the skimmer, as well as the best connection between the vacuum and your pump.

Once you’ve completed the vacuuming process, you’ll need to empty the skimmer basket and replace the lid on top of the skimmer. This will ensure that you’re using the most powerful skimmer possible. It’s also a good idea that you routinely empty your skimmer basket, as it will help to capture any dirt and debris that falls in your pool.

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